This page tells explanations about common things that happen in microscope activities.
Code Name Description
AWBT Auto White Balance Tinting In ScopePhoto, a program that connects my microscope camera with a computer, has a function that tints the image, which called Auto White Balance. When this is done, the image is tinted with other color and improved.
CS Cross Section It means cross section of an object
DF Dark Field  
DFM Depth of Field/Magnification It is hard to focus three-dimensional object on high magnification, because as magnification increases, the depth of field decreases. Therefore, some parts of object is not on focus.
DOS Dust on Slide Even though I wipe out the slide and slip cover before perform the experiment, remaining dust appear on the image.
HOC Height of Condenser When the condenser of the microscope is lowered, the amount of the lights that comes through the condenser becomes less and makes the image dark. Also,  lowered condenser makes the image look similar to the phase and contrast field, because lowered condenser focus on outside of an object. When the condenser is at the highest position, the amount of the lights becomes much and makes the image bright.
LF Light Field  
LSCS Lateral Section and Cross Section Lateral section is to cut a sample horizontally, and cross section is to cut a sample vertically.
LS Light Sources Light sources from the bottom of the stage appears on the image. It brightens the objects, but disrupts the clear detail of the object.
LTS Lateral Section Lateral section is to cut a sample horizontally.
MOWM Meniscus on Wet Mount Like liquid forms meniscus around any cylinder shaped container, the water forms meniscus around the cylinder shaped object on the wet mound slide.
OIL Cedar Oil Cedar oil is used whenever the magnification is 1000x to get more clear and vividly detailed image.
PC Phase Contrast  
SEC Section Object is a section of a whole thing.
Smear Smear Object is smeared on a slide while preparing a slide.
WM Wet Mount A slide is water wet mounted.
WMAB Wet Mount Air Bubbles Poor wet mount technique results in air bubbles in slide.