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Set 1, Slide 71, Cross Section , Lightfield
Coprinus Mushroom Collage 50xThis is a cross-section of a mushroom called Coprinus. There is an outer edge that looks like villi that are found insidee of animal's intestine. There is an circular ring that looks like a net. At the middle of this object is empty. This ring is speculated to be a stem of a mushroom, and the edge seems to be a outer gills. The size of the mushroom is extremely huge, so the image is a collage.







A cross-section of the stem is found inner side of the gill. The stem is a ring-shaped, so the middle empty part seems to function as a tube for pumping water up and down. The color of the stem is light blue, and its texture seems to be rough. The surface of the cross-section of the stem looks like a web, consisted of disorganized many fibers.

Image Data Description
Coprinus Mushroom Stem  200x
The texture of the fibers seems to be rough, because the fibers have many bumps on their surfaces.
Coprinus Mushroom Stem 400x
The picture shows an inconsistency in the size of holes on the net-like object. Also, a few of tiny spores appear on the object.


Coprinus Mushroom GillThe surface of the gill part seems to be rough, because there are a lot of spores attached to the surface. In some place, scattered spores are even visible on the top of the gill. The gill is long and thin and light purple in color. 


Image Data Description
Coprinus Mushroom Gill 100x
The texture of the gill is definitely rough due to spores attached to the gills. Also, it seems like something is going on inside of the gills.
Coprinus Mushroom Gill 400x
Some unknown substances are visible inside of the gills. These gills are located at the edge of the mushroom's cap, so the spores appears to be bluish.
Coprinus Mushroom Gill 400x
On the other hand, the spores in this picture is more likely brown. These gills are found at the middle of the cap or an area where the gill and stem meet together.

Edge of Gill

Interesting patterns are found at the edge of the gill. The edge of the gill looks like a shell of an oyster; it doesn't have special shape, but it is rough. The surface of the edge has many bumps, so the texture of it seems to be rough.

Image Data Description
Coprinus Mushroom Gill Edge 200x
The surface of this area is extremely bizarre; it's hard to explain the shape. The surface seems to be transparent and overlapped.
Coprinus Mushroom Gill Edge 1000x
Interesting pattern is visible in this area. Many black dots are spotted all over the area. Also, many spores are found in here.



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