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Set 1, Slide 62, Cross Section, Lightfield
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Stem CS


Similar to other stems, this stem sample is also semi-circular. It is also comprised of many fibers. There are total six dark areas on the sample. The edge appears to be bumpy. The middle part of the sample is almost colorless.


The edge of the sample is not smooth. The fibers that compose the edge seem to be darker than other fibers in the middle. There is a strange-looking object that is attached to the edge.

Image Data Description


The fibers seem to be thicker and darker, but holes that these fibers form seem to be smaller than holes that formed by other fibers in middle part.



Here is the strange-looking object that is attached to the edge. It is colorless and looks like a container.


Darker Area

There are some areas that appear to be darker, because of the fibersí color. The fibers that form these areas are much thicker and darker.

Image Data Description


It looks like there are other white fibers inside of these thick and dark fibers. The holes formed by these fibers are tiny and circular.


Lighter Area

There are other areas that appear to be darker than the middle part. But, these areas are found next to the darkest areas and slightly lighter. The fibers that compose these areas are reddish and thick.

Image Data Description


The shapes of the holes that are formed by the fibers are not consistent. But, the sizes of the holes are bigger than the holes in the darkest areas.




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