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This slide, labeled "Rhoeo Discolor leaf" seems to be a layer of over-lapped plant cells. Interestingly, some of the plant cells have a line inside each of them and a rhombus-shaped dot at the middle. The shape of each plant cells differs.

Rhoeo Discolor Leaf

Rhombus-Shaped Object

Not all plant cells in Rhoeo Discolor leaf have this rhombus-shaped object. Looking rather like a cat's eye, it is made up of a gap between mirror image cells and seems to be a stoma.

Image Data Description

When magnified, it looks like an ellipse rather than a rhombus. In this picture, only one cell contains the object; other cells around this cell don't have one. I understand these stoma (stomata for singular) to be small adjustable aperatures used for respiration.

Each of these images shows the thick cell wall of a plant. Most seem to have what looks like itty bitty protists either on the surface or within them.

These are also highly reminiscent of lips. They even are darker (as if wearing lipstick) than the surrounding cell. Here the light source comes through the stoma. The texture is more visible on the right hand side. From this magnification, it could just as easily be content within the cell as on its surface.

Objects on the Cells

This spot makes it seem that this represents some "contamination" of other organisms on the surface of the plant cells. They don't seem to be nuclei or other organells of the plant cells since they are gathered together.

Image Data Description

The insides of the objects are clearly visible. At the middle of the image is a big, dark dot that seems to be located underneath.

These three-dimensional objects have some tiny dots inside of them.

Tiny Object Inside of the Cell

There is one tiny object inside of the cell. It is not found on all plant cells and, its location is not consistent; some are located at the middle of the cells, and others are located near the edges of the cells.

Image Data Description

This three-dimensional object is extremely small. Even at 400x, it is much smaller than plant cell.

At 1000x, its rough texture is visible. The edge of the object is dark. It seems to be comprised of many tiny dots. This looks very similar to, but smaller than, the sorus of a fern leaf.



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