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Set 1, Slide 58, Wet Mount, Lightfield
Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen - Collage 40xA cross-section of Lillitrm Pollen is comprised of three layers, four trapezoid shaped parts, and a central part at the top. All of these parts have many plant cells. The trapezoid part seems to be comprised of circles. The three layers are long and thin and have transparent background. The central part appears to be the darkest. The size of the sample is almost one centimeter across. However, the pollen is microscopic size, so the sample is speculated to be anther, in which the pollen is produced.

Central Part

The center of the cross-section of the pollen is arrow shaped. It looks like three arrows head toward the center.

Image Data Description
Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen - Center 100x
Most nuclei are found at the tips of the arrows-looking parts. These nuclei are circular, and the size is consistent.
Meiosis-Lillitrm Center - 400x
Some nuclei are dark black, but some seem to have tiny white dots on them. These are similar to prophase stage of mitosis.

Trapezoid Shaped Parts

There are total four pieces of trapezoid shaped parts in the sample. These parts are comprised of circular parts that are consisted of cells. Some cells in the circular part don't seem to have nuclei.

Image Data Description
Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen - Trapezoid Shaped Structure CS - 40x
Some cells at the center of circular part appear to be transparent, and don't have nuclei.
Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen - Trapezoid Shaped Structure CS - 200xx
When zoomed on the circular part, some plant cells have strange-shaped nucleoli. But, the cells at the edge of the circular part have circular nucleoli.


There are three, long and slim layers in the sample, which also are comprised of plant cells. Similar to the circular areas in trapezoid parts, some plant cells in the long layers don't appear to have nuclei.

Image Data Description
Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen - Layers 200x
Some plant cells have dark transparent substances inside of them. These substances fit in the size of the plant cells. 
Meiosis-Lillitrm Pollen - Layers 400x
One plant cell in the layers seems to have two nuclei. It is similar to telophase of mitosis, but the nuclei are found inside of one cell, not separated cells.



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