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Human Cell Mucus Membrane Collage 40xThis stained smear has several cells along with mucus and other unknown gunk.

Group of Seven cells

A grouping of seven friendly cells stands out on the smear. These cells have little black dotted nuclei. The color of the cells differs probably due to uneven staining. As animal cells, lacking cell walls, these are not arranged in an ordered structure buta are rather scattered.

Image Data Description
Human Cell Mucus Membrane 7 Cell Group 100x
Here is the group of seven human cells and a few individual cells.
Human Cell Mucus Membrane 7 Cell Group 400x
When zoomed to 400x, the "slack" baglike edges of the cells are more obvious. The large black dots are also more clearly the nuclei.

Cells in Mucus

This slide contains more mucus than anything else. An amorphous slimy substance, it has no clear shape but some little bit of texture, particularly where it is thicker.

Image Data Description
Human Cell Mucus Membrane Cells and Mucus 100x
The highly organic spread of the "mucus" resembles the veining of marple. Individual cells appear sporadically. The whole is spattered with detritus and gunk.
Human Cell Mucus Membrane Cells and Mucus 400x
At 400x, the mucus is no better defined. The gunk however, appears similar to thin layers of an algae mat. The green color might have been suggestive in that direction.

Mucus in Mucus

These images focus more on the mucus membrane. Those membrane does not have a clear color -- the green is an artifacting of the digital imaging software's auto-correction algorithm. And it certainly hasn't got a distinct shape.

Image Data Description
Human Cell Mucus Membrane 100x
More of the "algal"-like mucus membrane and it's contaminants.
Human Cell Mucus Membrane 200x
The mucus isn't so much a pure goop as it is a sheet of goop. The sheet sometimes folds over on itself and creates the "veining" patterns. The black spots are just some sort of contaminant.



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