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Human Linked Set



Blood Linked Set



Human Blood Collage 40xRight off the bat, we can see that there are about a billion red blood cells on this slide, ok, well maybe only a million.

Red Blood Cells

Zooming in a bit, these red blood cells are round, and. not suprisingly, red.

Image Data Description
Human Blood - Red Blood Cells 200x
The three dimensional aspect of the cells comes into play here. Normally, I would assume these to present themselves as a sphere, rather, they look like a ball that is mostly deflated, pressed together in the middle, and looking something torroidal. Note that in contrast to the frog and fish red blood cells these seem to be white on the inside rather than housing a dark nucleus.
Human Blood - Red Blood Cells 1000x
At 1000x, even though blurry, it appears that the cells are rather empty looking. The white blob in the center seems to not be a nucleus but rather an artifact of the light and the shape.

Purple Colored Red Blood Cells

There are a few red blood cells that looked as if they were squished and all the "red juice" oozed out of them.

Image Data Description
Human Blood - Purple Colored Cells 400x
Regardless of the resolution, red blood cells look pretty much the same. Noteworthy here are the few dark ones. There are a couple instances of a cells overlapping one another. Because I can see a cell through another cell and yet still not see a nucleus, it seems all the more likely that these are nucleusless.
Human Blood - Purple Colored Cells 1000x

Besides the "squished" red blood cell, the cell immediately to the right of it has a few odd dark purple markings. It almost looks as if it had previously ruputured but the cell membrane managed to repair itself, as unlikely as that may actually be. I'm still confused about this non-nucleus aspect, but at 1000x, note that the white spots appear all the more like reflection, showing gradients from the outer dark to the inner white.

Interesting Shape of Red Blood Cells

Most red blood cells are doughnut shaped, but a few have rather more essoteric shapes.

Image Data Description
Human Blood - Strange Shapes 1000x

There are a few red blood cells that are not circular shaped like other normal red blood cells. Note also, that at this resolution, and with oil, it almost appears that you can see the cross sectional edge of some of the red blood cells at the lower left of the grouping.



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