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Fern Prothallia Sporangia Collage 40xThis fern sample slide has two parts of the fern: Prothallia and Sporangia. Upper part of the sample is called prothallia, and bottom part is called sporangia. The prothallia has a root, which appears like a trend of fibers in the picture. Dark area on the prothallia is called sporophyte shoot tip. The prothallia is connected to the sporangia by a stem. The sporangia looks just like a leaf. 

Vein on Sporangia

Just like all leaves have vein on its surface, the veins are found on the sporangia. These veins starts from the stem and spread throughout the entire sporangia.

Image Data Description
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Vein 100x
The veins are clearly visible on the surface of the sporangia. The veins are darker than the sproangia's surface. The veins seem to have rough surface like a tree.
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Vein 400x
The veins seem to have scaly texture inside of it. The scaly texture looks like human's spinal cord.

Circular Objects on Sporangia

There are a few circular objects that are spotted on the surface of the sprangia. They look similar to animal cell, because they are oval shaped and have black dots at the center of them, which look similar to nucleolus.

Image Data Description
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Circular Objects 200x
A few circular objects are spotted on the sporangia. They seem to have special marks like dots at the center of them.
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Circular Objects 400x
When they are observed more closely, a few of them have white long mark at the center of them instead of black dots.

Surface of Prothallia

The prothallia seems to be comprised of many over-lapping plant cells. It seems like many spores are contained inside of the plant cells.

Image Data Description
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Surface 200x
Some cells look like containing spores. These spores are tiny and circular. But, some spores seem to be packed together so that they appear as dark substances inside the cells.
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Surface 400x
A few cells in the image have different colors than other normal cells. Other normal cells are bright blue, but these strange cells are greenish.

Roots in Prothallia

Roots of fern is found in the prothallia. The roots look like a strand of fibers. Individual fibers are found on the edge of the root. They are green, but seem to be slightly transparent.

Image Data Description
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Roots 100x
It looks like the root of the prothallia is comprised of many individual fibers. The center of the root appears to be the darkest.
Fern Prothallia Sporangia Roots 200x
The individual fiber is focused on. The fiber's structure seems to be complex. 



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