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Fern Prothallia Collage 40xA prothallia part of fern has a shape of clover that has only two leaves. The dark middle part of the prothallia is called sprophyte shoot tip. Prothallia's roots are found at the bottom of the prothallia. Many bubbles that are filled with black substances are found near the shoot tip. These bubbles look similar to frog's eggs.


These bubbles are filled with black substances. Their structure looks simlar to cell's structure, but they are too big to be seen as cells.The bubbles seem to be transparent without the black substances.

Image Data Description
Fern Prothallia Bubbles 200x
Some bubbles don't have black substances inside of them. The sizes of the bubbles are various, but the shape of them is consistant.
Fern Prothallia Bubbles 400x
Since light is coming through the bubbles, they have transparent body with the black substances inside.

Spores inside of Bubbles

Some bubbles in the prothallia contain spores. They fill the content of the bubbles that are introduced previously.

Image Data Description
Fern Prothallia Spores 200x
A few of bigger bubbles seem to have many spores inside of them so that it appears like the black substances.
Fern Prothallia Spores 400x
One bubble at the middle of the image seems to have a pattern of soccer ball. It looks like tiny bubbles are packed inside of the black substance.

Surface of Prothallia

The surface of the prothallia is consisted of over-lapping plant cells. Numerous amount of spores seem to be located underneath the plant cells.

Image Data Description
Fern Prothallia Surface 200x
Since it is impossible to focus on the spores, the spores are guessed to be located underneath the over-lapping plant cells.
Fern Prothallia Surface 400x
However, spores in this area look to be located inside of the plant cells. Some spores are not focused. It looks like spore's elevation of location is not the same for all spores. These tiny spores are circular and consistant in shape.



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