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Fern Linked Set



Leaf Linked Set



Fern Leaf-Sorus Collage 40xThis fern leaf-sorus sample slide contains a square part of fern leaf with a sorus at the middle. The sorus projects from the surface of the leaf. Inside of the sorus seems to be filled with interesting contents. The edge of the sorus is surrounded by coiled tubular objects.

Middle of Sorus

The middle part of the sorus is filled with circular, bubble-like objects that appear to be transparent. Some of these objects that are found around dark edge seems to be cylindrical.

Image Data Description
Fern Leaf-Sorus Center  100x
Many transparent objects are found inside of the sorus. These objects look as if they are heading toward the center.
Fern Leaf-Sorus Center  400x
Some objects are cylindrical, and they seem to be attached to the dark area in the image. The edge of the objects appears to be darkened.

Coiled Tubular Objects

Around the dark area, some coild tubular objects are found. These transparent objects seem to be divided into several spaces. Each space is filled with the black substances.

Image Data Description
Fern Leaf-Sorus Coiled Tubular Objects 100x
This straight object seems to fail to form the coil-shape. The outer edge of the object seems to be transparent.
Fern Leaf-Sorus Coiled Tubular Objects 200x
This is a perfect example of the colied objects. It has transparent edges with several spaces that are filled with black substances.

Surface of Leaf

On the surface of the leaf, some black puzzle-like objects are spotted all over the surface. Also, veins are found on the surface. The veins look having rough texture.

Image Data Description
Fern Leaf-Sorus Leaf Surface 100x
Some puzzle-like objects seem to be spotted underneath the leaf. The objects look like three-dimensional. The shape of the objects is polygonal.
Fern Leaf-Sorus Leaf Surface 200x
Inside of the tube, the vein seems to contain dark substances that have many bumps on the surfaces. This object looks like a blood clot that prevents a flow of blood.



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