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Dog Taste Bud Collage 40xDog's taste buds is comprised of two layers. One layer contains tissues and cells and looks like meat. Another layer is little bit darker and has interesting pattern.

Tissues and Cells

These pictures are focused on the tissues and cells. The tissues are red and divided into several parts. The tissues look similar to meat.

Image Data Description
Dog Taste Bud Tissues Cells 100x
The image shows tissues and cells. Some of the tissues are torn off. The tissues contain countless cells inside.
Dog Taste Bud Tissues Cells 200x
This picture shows rough surface of the tissues. The tissues does not seem to have smooth surface. Some cells are found inside of the tissues.

Area Filled with Substances

There is an area filled with substances. This substances does not look similar to other tissues. It seems to have rough surface. The substances look like sand.

Image Data Description
Dog Taste Bud Area Filled 200x
The image shows the rough surface of the substances. Only a few cells are found inside of the substances. Instead, the cells are gathered around.
Dog Taste Bud Area Filled 400x
In this part of the substances, many cells are located inside. These cells' nucleus are long.

Two Different Colors

This part of the buds is separated from the main part. This part looks different from the main part. There are two different color of tissues: purple and transparently pink.

Image Data Description
Dog Taste Bud Multi Colored Area 100x
Some areas are filled with purple tissues, and other areas are filled with pink tissues. It seems like there is a certain pattern of tissues.
Dog Taste Bud Multi Colored Area 200x
The picture shows interesting shape of the area formed by tissues. Inside of the area are the transparently pink tissues. Around the area are purple tissues.



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