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Squamous Epithelium Collage 50xThis squamous epithelium looks similar to fish scale. Generally, its color is dark brown. Some part of the epithelium is dark and the other part is white. Like human skin, a dog also has scales on skin. Pictures are taken on December 19th, 2006 under light field.

Main Part

These pictures are focused on the general image of the epithelium. The epithelium looks similar to dried and cracked mud. Cracked Mud
Image Data Description
Squamous Epithelium Main Part 100x
Like plant cells have cell wall that bonds each cells together and distinguish the border, there are black lines that distinguish the border between each scale. Some scales at the middle have ellipse shaped, white bubbles in it.
Squamous Epithelium Main Part 200x
When the circular white bubbles are zoomed on, it looks similar to large vacuole in a plant cell. But, since this epithelium is come from dog, these are animal cells. Therefore the white bubbles are nucleus.
Squamous Epithelium Main Part 400x
This object seems to have different color than other scales. It is darker than other scales. But, it does not look like a scale. It looks similar to a bean.

Mottled Cells

The pictures are focused on mottled cells in the middle of the cells. These mottled cells have two different colors: white and brown.

Image Data Description
Squamous Epithelium Mottled Cells 400x
Each individual cell has a white nucleus and black dots. The epithelium looks like a skin of snake.
Squamous Epithelium Mottled Cells 1000x
There are many different colors. There are two things that look like beans, which have brown and white color. 100x magnification picture should be looked with oil, but this picture is not, therefore the image is not that clear.



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