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Stem LS


Cucurbita Stem Collage 50xThe cucurbita stem sample is consisted of several layers. The sample looks as if there are two parts, but the entire sample is one lateral section of the stem. The empty space, or pith cavity, is so wide that it looks like so. The sample is comprised of many cells and other parts of the stem. The cells' structure looks like a net. The sample is green, and the cells appear to be transparent.

Interesting Layer

Image Data Description
Cucurbita Stem Layers 100x
This area looks like connecting two different layers. This area seems to be damaged. The pattern of this area seems similar to a torn-off wet paper.
Cucurbita Stem Layers 400x
When closed up, individual fibers that made up this layer are visible. They look like tendons of animal's muscle.

Tubular Cells

Image Data Description
Cucurbita Stem Tubular Cels 100x
There is a layer in which long and tubular cells are found. These cells are transparent, and their wide doesn't seem to be constant.
Cucurbita Stem Tubular Cels 400x
There are several dark substances that are found inside of the tubular cells. These look similar to nodes that are usually found on plant's stems. 


Image Data Description
Cucurbita Stem Spores 200x
Cells on the right side of the sample contain many spores. These spores appear as if small tiny dots are packed inside of the cells.
Cucurbita Stem Spores 400x
The spores are spread throughout the cells. A few cells are stuck together, but most cells are scattered.

Interesting Tubes

Image Data Description
Cucurbita Stem Interesting Tubes 200x
The pattern of this area looks like a ladder. This area seems to be one of pipes that pump up water or nutrients. The left pipe seems to have spiral pattern.
Cucurbita Stem Interesting Tubes 400x
Interestingly, it doesn't seem to locate the entire body of the stem. Like other pipes in the sample it is slightly reddish.



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